Carpet Cleaning Services in Kansas City

How Dry Carpet Cleaning Works

Gentle Green Cleaning Products

Our dry carpet cleaning service in Kansas City uses a soft, natural product that is environmentally responsible. This soft natural product carries the cleaning ingredients into the carpet fibers in a controlled way.



A Thorough Cleaning Process

The mechanical action of our machines distributes the cleaning product among all surfaces of the dirty carpet fibers, dissolving and absorbing the oil bond and sticky residues that causes dirt to adhere to the fibers.


Deep Dirt Extraction

As brushing continues, the dissolved dirt is wiped away from the fibers until it’s removed by vacuuming with our specialized machines. Our machines then lift the carpet pile while removing the product that holds the dissolved dirt.

Did You Know?

Carpet can hold 2 times its own weight in dirt before you start to notice. That is nearly 4 Pounds of dirt per square yard!

Effective Stain Removal

Our cleaning product contains just the right amount of moisture and cleaning ingredients to dissolve the soil or spot without causing the mixture to run down the sides of the carpet yarn.

As soon as the soil is dissolved, it is absorbed by the cleaning product. Since none of the dissolved spot has the opportunity to run to the base of the carpet, there isn’t anything there to wick back to the surface. That’s why when you clean a spot with our system, in most cases, it will not come back.

Green Seal Certified Products

The Green Seal® is awarded to products that meet the standards of performance, safety, and reliability.

The CottageCare dry carpet method of cleaning promotes a cleaner, healthier environment, causes less toxic pollution and reduces waste. Our Green Seal Certified products are completely biodegradable leaving your carpets clean and healthy for the entire family, including pets.

logo indicating the use of green seal, certified green cleaning products

Improve Indoor Air Quality

Carpet can play a major role in indoor air quality.  

Carpet traps and holds soil, dust and allergens.  Our carpet cleaning service in Kansas City maximizes the ability to remove particulates as they settle from the air to increase your indoor air quality.
Research studies have shown that one cleaning with the CottageCare dry carpet cleaning system reduces:

  • Dust mites by 78%
  • Dust Mite Allergen by 75%
  • Cat Allergen by 85%
  • Mold Spores by 85%
  • EPA Establishment Number: 074202-WI-001.

Water Conservation

With CottageCare, our carpet cleaning service in Kansas City uses NO additional water. You save 100% of your water required by a “wet” cleaning system.

Wet carpet cleaning services commonly use the homeowner’s water to complete a carpeting cleaning service. Water usage drives the amount of energy used in carpet cleaning.  The CottageCare dry method uses no water to heat, so there is no need to use blowers to dry carpet and no need to run dehumidifiers or air conditioners to remove moisture from the carpet and air.

Commercial Dry Carpet Cleaning

Long lasting odor-enhancing and air quality benefits

Many high-traffic commercial customers value our powerful dry-extraction method, not only for the mold-reducing and deeper cleaning properties but also for the long lasting odor-enhancing and air quality benefits. CottageCare Dry Carpet Cleaning can clean and maintain your commercial carpet with NO DRY TIME in:

  • Professional offices
  • Nursing Homes
  • Hotels
  • Restaurants
  • Computer environments (where moisture is especially harmful)